• Husnaini Husnaini Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Lhokseumawe
Keywords: Cigarette Law, Al-Qur'an and MUI Fatwa


In essence, the impact of smoking is closely related to the economic, social and health sectors. Especially in Indonesia, the tobacco industry has succeeded in cultivating tobacco farmers, growing the tobacco trade, opening employment opportunities in cigarette factories, strengthening investment in the tobacco industry, enlivening advertising in the mass media, and contributing income to taxes. But on the other hand facilitate the emergence of health problems, especially for recorders, the family environment of smokers and the community, as well as the negative impact in terms of finances for those who smoke cigarettes, The purpose of this study To find out the legal basics used as guidelines and foundation by MUI in issuing fatwa on the prohibition of cigarettes, To find out the legal basis used by the MUI in determining fatwas on cigarette smoking. MUI finally decided that the prohibited fatwa on smoking only applies to pregnant women, children, and smoking in public places. The fatwa is a middle ground for the controversy that occurs in the community and is followed by debate among the ulamas in the official forum of the MUI, the methodology used by the MUI in istinbath law refers to the maslahah mursalah method that has been collaborated with modern science such as medical sociology and others to achieve the goal of realizing the benefits. For those of you who have never smoked, you should not try smoking because it can endanger our lives. It would be better if people who have experienced smoking addiction by not smoking activities around children. It would be better if people who have experienced smoking addiction in order to be able to try to escape from the activities of cigarettes. And it would be better if parents were obliged to be able to pay more attention to the attitudes and behavior of children so as not to fall into the smoking activity and give children a positive activity to avoid the dangers of smoking.