• Aina Salsabila
Keywords: Studies, Philosophical, Mulla Shadra, al- Hikmah Al-Muta’aliyah


Mulla Sadra appeared with originality awesome when philosophy Muslims often accused of simply followed by philosophy of Plato and Aristotle. His philosophy gave birth to its own flow: al-Hikmah Al-Muta'aliyah. The flow is the object of the intellect of the philosophers skrutinisasi both Western and Eastern. A Magnum Opus inestimable contribution to the Islamic intellectual treasures. Characteristics of al-Hikmah al-Muta'aliyah which is the synthesis is the result of the combination and harmonization of the teachings of revelation, the sayings of the Imams, truths obtained through appreciation of spiritual illumination and intellectual, and the demands of logic and evidence rationally. Synthesis and harmonization is aimed at integrating the knowledge acquired through the means of Sufism or 'irfan, illuminationism or isyraqiyyah, rational philosophy or identical with the Peripatetic or masysya'iyyah and religious sciences in the narrow sense, including kalam. Thus, the appearance can not be separated from, and should be viewed in the context of Islamic schools of thought that preceded it. This paper aims to describe the focus of the discussion about the biography of Mulla Shadra, the works and the sources of his thinking, understanding and concept of al-Hikmah al-Muta'aliyah, the philosophy of being Mulla Shadra, analysis of building philosophy and the influence of his mind to the philosophers afterwards.

Key Words : Studies, Philosophical, Mulla Shadra, al- Hikmah Al-Muta’aliyah


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