• Saiful Bahri


Islamic education according to Fazlur Rahman is not just equipment and tools of teaching physical or quasi-physical such as books taught or external structure of education, but rather as an Islamic intellectualism because for him this is what is meant by the essence of Islamic higher education. This is the growth of a genuine Islamic thought and memedai, and should provide the criteria for judging the success or failure of a system of Islamic education. formulation of thought the concept of Islamic higher education to be developed must be built on a solid spiritual paradigm, superior intellectually and morally sublime to the Qur'an as a reference first and foremost, Basing on the Qur'an, the purpose education by Fazlur Rahman was to develop a human such that all knowledge gained will be the organ on the overall creative individual, which allows humans to exploit natural resources for the good of mankind and to create justice, progress, and the order of the world


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