• Machzumy Machzumy IAIN Lhokseumawe
Keywords: Discrimination; Female; Determination of Kamariah


Determination of the beginning of the month of Qamariah is one of astronomical studies that most often attracts attention and discussed. Until now there has not been an agreement in determining the beginning of the month, both the results and methods. One of the issues that often debated is about the position of women in the activities of rukyah al-hilal, especially as witnesses or hilal observer. Hilal observation activites is an annual program of which held by the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia to determine of the beginning of the lunar month. Actually, it determination is carried out by astronomers, both men and women. But, so far the author has never found the report to see the hilal from a female astronom. It can be seen from years 2010 to 2019, that many of reports of the hilal observation be taken from men observer and mentioned in the official minutes of the hilal rukyatul Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. Even though there are many female astronoms who experts and qualified in the astronomy, especially for determining the hilal. This research uses library research method with a qualitative approach. As for the results of this study, the authors found that the non-involvement of women in the determination of the beginning of the lunation based on a gender perspective is a discrimination against women. Because women also have the same right in determining the new moon, although with a comparison of 2: 1 with male observers.


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