Mubāhalah di Sosial Media: kasus-kasus di Indonesia dalam Dimensi Qur’ani

  • Ridhoul Wahidi Universitas Islam Indragiri
Keywords: Mubahalah, Media Sosial, Dimensi Qurani


Mubāhalah cases are crowded in social media these days. Mubāhalah done in this social media become viral and some people claim after mubāhalah immediately get punishment from Allah, but whether it is appropriate in view of qur'an ?. The existence of mubāhalah is the presence of two disputing parties with families and children in a certain place, where both can not solve the religious problem between the two by way of dialogue and debate, while each of them considers the other as a party to lie and make mistakes, Then both pray to Allah for wrong and lie from both cursed and derived from the grace of God. The dimension of mubāhalah happened between Rasulullah Saw and the Jews and the Christians. Mubāhalah is basically prohibited in world affairs. This is for two reasons. First, the mubahalah story takes place in the aqidah issue. Secondly, in Islam there are rules and rules in world affairs.


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