Students’ Difficulties in learning Reading Comprehension

  • Erlidawati Erlidawati Jurusan TBI, FTIK IAIN Lhokseumawe
Keywords: Difficulties, learning, reading comprehension


This research was a study about the students’ difficulties in learning reading comprehension. Many students still have difficulty in comprehending the text and delivering their idea. In this case, the students learnt reading comprehension through retelling technique. The problems of the research were; what are students’ difficulties in studying reading comprehension through retelling technique? And what are the factors influencing in learning reading comprehension? The study aimed to know the students’ difficulties in studying reading comprehension. This research is qualitative research. The study was conducted at STAIN Malikussaleh.  The subjects of the research were students in the fourth semester of  English Department, there were three units in fourth semester. The research only took six students in different ability from high level, middle level and low level. The instruments used by the researcher were interview, observation and documentation. The result of the research still have students confused in delivering their idea because of lack of vocabulary, not confidence talking in front class, afraid making mistakes in speaking and lost their idea. Retelling techniques is an oral activity in comprehending the text, a reader explain the main idea, think and remember what they read. The researcher obtained some conclusions about retelling technique, there are; first, retelling technique is able to increase the students’ vocabulary. Second, retelling technique can help students in explaining main idea. Third, it can motivate students in understanding the text. The last, the students have to know and describe the point every paragraph. 


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