• Nurjannah Nurjannah English Education Department of IAIN Lhokseumawe
  • Taufiq Hidayah English Education Department of IAIN Lhokseumawe
  • Muhammad Nazar English Education Department of IAIN Lhokseumawe
Keywords: graphic organizer strategy, teaching and learning, writing narrative paragraph


This research is entitled “Using graphic organizer strategy in teaching writing on narrative paragraph (experimental research). Writing is a very important subject that should be learned by English learners. The students should be able to express their ideas and opinion either in the form of a sentence or paragraph. However, the researcher found that many students at the Second Grade Students of SMP Negeri 1 Tanah Luas could not express their ideas and develop into the paragraph. Hence, the appropriate strategy of teaching and learning is very important to help students master writing skills. This research aims to know the effect of achievement between the students who are taught writing by using graphic organizers from those taught writing in the narrative by using traditional methods. This research was experimental research and used a quasi-experimental design. The samples chosen in this research were the whole students of class VIII2 and VIII4 of SMPN 1 Tanah Luas. Class VIII2 consisted of 25 students was chosen as experimental group and class VIII4 consisted of 24 students was chosen as control group. This research was conducted in three phrases; there were pre-test, treatments and post-test. The data collection technique used in this research was test. The tests were pre-test and post-test. The researcher gave pre-test before giving treatment and post-test after giving treatment. The treatment was conducted in three meetings. The data was analyzed by using t-test formula. The research result and the hypothesis authentication found by using t-test formula in significant level 5% or α = 0.05 were obtained that ttest > ttable. The ttest found in this research was 3.91. Meanwhile, ttable was gotten from the list of distribution value with degree of freedom = 47, because the data not in the table, the researcher used interpolation approach and obtained = 1.67. So >  = 3.91 > 1.67. It meant that Ha was accepted and Ho was rejected. So, graphic organizer strategy significantly affects the students’ ability in mastering writing.


Kata Kunci: graphic organizer strategy, teaching and learning, writing narrative paragraph


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