• Zainuddin Hasibuan English Education Department of IAIN Lhokseumawe
Keywords: Implementation, Guided Reading Procedure, Reading Comprehension



This research aims to explain the implementation of GRP in improving students’ ability in reading comprehension and to describe students’ respond when a teacher implements GRP in teaching reading comprehension. The study belongs to collaborative classroom action research design in which the researcher and collaborator worked together. The subjects of this research were all of the students of VIII/D of MTsN Dewantara. This resaerch was conducted in two cycles by following the procedure of the action research. It began with the preliminary, planning, implementing and reflecting. The researcher used some instruments such as observation checklist, field notes, and test for students in learning of reading comprehension to collect the data. In analyzing the data, the researcher used the descpriptive qualitative meansrument to find out the result. To analyze the data, total score of the students divided with total number of the students, and got the average score of class. The activity of analyzing data done through three steps, namely: data reduction, data display, data conclusion/ verification. First cycle, there were three meetings, as the result the students got 68,8 in first cycle. Second cycle, there were three meetings, as the result students got 73,8. It means, that the students show their improvement in reading comprehension skill. The research result also indicated that the students have good response and motivation and GRP implementation  improves students’ reading comprehension ability.



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