Strategi Pendidikan Karakter Pada Anak Dalam Setting Keluarga Di Era Disrupsi

  • Nurul Hikmah IAIN Lhokseumawe
Kata Kunci: Strategi, Pendidikan Karakter, Keluarga, Era Disrupsi


The issue of raise cases of violence and bullying among children indicated the decline of identity in the younger generation. This condition reflects the weakness of character education given to children in educational and family settings. The role of the family as the first guard in develop children's character is still considered weak, especially in the era of disruptipon. Character is an important aspect of one's identity in the form of actions that are judged based on the values prevailing in society. Yates and Yates revealed that character is a quality in an individual that is displayed in the form of behavior that causes a person to be respected. The purpose of this study is to respond to the phenomenon of character decadence in children which is an important issue in the moral development of children in the disruption era. Qualitative data obtained from the analysis results in order to obtain a solution in determining the right strategy in developing character in a family setting during the era of disruption. Based on the findings, the authors found two main findings. First, character education strategies in family settings. Second, the role of parents in the develop children's character in the disruption era. The results of this study are recommended to parents, teachers, and others
who are actively involved in the development of character education for children in the era of disruption.