Legalitas Poligami Dalam Hukum Islam (Menjawab Isu Penentangan Islam Liberal)

  • Muhammad Iqbal Sabirin Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN)


Islam has legalized marriage as a legitimate medium for the union of a human pair, as a way to multiply and preserve his life. Islam has also legalized polygamy marriage as a solution in overcoming social problems, which are bound by certain conditions. This is explained in Surah Al-Nisā`: 3 and is supported by several traditions. But there are some groups who oppose the legality of polygamy law, among which are groups "Liberal Islam". They are the most dominant in rejecting polygamy with various arguments, both normative, psychological and always relate to gender injustice. Moving on from this phenomenon, it becomes necessary to study scientifically to find answers to these problems. The focus of the study in this study is to compile the arguments put forward by the scholars of fuqaha and liberal Islam. From the results of the study, the authors found a weakness in the arguments of Liberal Muslims, be it normative, psychological or other. More than that, they also rely more on reason in determining syar'ī law, whereas reason cannot deduce legal status independently regardless of the text. Thus, polygamy is a legal provision that has clear legality in Islam and cannot be opposed by anyone