Hibah Hareuta Peunulang Dalam Perspektif Hukum Islam

  • Fauzi Fauzi Penyuluh Agama Islam Kemenag Kabupaten Pidie


Islam regulates the transfer of assets in the family through three mechanisms, namely grants, inheritance and mandatory. These three mechanisms have different meanings as understood in fiqh literatures. This paper focuses on hareuta peunulang according to the perspective of Islamic law to explore and describe the practice of hareuta peunulang carried out by the Aceh soceity and analysis of these practices based on Islamic law. The approach used is descriptive by looking at various provisions of Islamic law related to grants both from the Koran, Hadith and the opinions of the scholars. The results showed that the practice of hareuta peunulang did not conflict with Islamic law insofar as it was done based on the provisions of grants in Islam, ie not to exceed one third of property, and to be fair to all children.