Pengaturan Hibah dan Wasiat Dalam Hukum Islam

  • Rifqi Muttaqin Staf Pengajar Dayah Jami’ah Al-Aziziyah Bireuen


The issue of wealth (māl) is one of the issues that is very much considered in Islam. The issue of property is regulated in such a way, starting from how the property was obtained and used by the owner of the property while still alive to the existence of the property after the owner's death. Islam has governed the provisions regarding grants and wills. Based on the logical consequences of the grant is the transfer of rights from the giver to the recipient of the grant. When the grant object has changed ownership, the first owner no longer has the rights to the said item. Therefore, it cannot be asked again, because it can cause pain and disappointment from the person who receives the grant. While a will only applies within a third of the inheritance. So a will less than a third is considered better. Thus, it is understandable that one must consider the needs of an heir before a person decides to make a will. The existence of a prohibition of wills that exceeds one third of the assets aims to prevent the practice of wills that can harm the heirs left behind.