Pelembagaan Ibadah dan Muamalah di Indonesia

  • Ghazali Ghazali Ma’had Ali MUDI Mesjid Raya Samalanga


The formation of a social institution begins with the community's need for regular life together. A social institution was born because humans need order in their lives. To get the order of living together formulated norms (rules) in society as a guide for behavior. These norms then go through a long process of becoming an institution. That process is called institutionalization. In other words, institutionalization is an ongoing process and the testing of a habit in society becomes an institution which ultimately must be a guide in living together. Worship and muamalah institutions are part of various social institutions whose existence is demanded by the state of society. The condition of Indonesian people who are predominantly Muslim demands that there be institutions that regulate their engagement. In addition, the human condition which is a social creature that is inseparable from relationships between people requires the formation of institutions that regulate muamalah.