At-Tabayyuun: Research Jounals and Islamic Studies is published on cooperation Pascasarjana Press and Rumoh Journal  of Islamic Institute Lhokseumawe.

This journal contains a lot of studies about Research and Islamic studies, such as Islamic education, the Shari'ah, Islamic Communication, Islamic thoughts, economics, and other Islamic related studies.

This journal is published twice a year in June and December.

Editors invite academicians, lecturers, and researchers to join and to contribute in this journal. The selected languages used in this journal are Indonesian, English and Arabic.

The journal is publicly accessed, which means that all of contents are provided with no charge for either individual user or institution. Users are allowed to read, to download, to copy, to distribute, to print out, to search, or to cite to the full text of the article for legal puposes and did not have to ask permission from the publisher or the author.