• syarifah syarifah rahma IAIN Lhokseumawe
Keywords: Education; Equality; Gender; Islam


Gender equality in Islamic education has been arranged in a very neat and measurable so it is not possible to be disputed. Islam highly respects the rights and sex person in all walks of life, such as the right to study and get proper education. Men and women in Islam are only distinguished by genital genuinely hated by islamic sex rather than based  on false intellectual abilities. The killing of on sex is hated by Islam. Men an women are only differentiated by sex and not based on intellectual abilities. Often the religious dimensions listed in the Quranic verses are interpreted incorrectly, and are considered logical for discussion. Not to mention the social community rooted and assume women are clearly two creatures, women are only suited to work in the domestic sector, while the role of the public world is only available for male sex. Sex discrimination has never been known in Islam, from the very beginning Islam was built by the Messenger of Allah certain gender differences were never disputed. Rasul is a uswah figure because Rasul highly respects women, the degree of women is three times higher than men. Women have a uterus, pregnancy. Chidbirth, breastfeeding and psichologically intertwined with a very close inner relationship with her generation. The misguided culture of the community in looking down on women needs to be reviewed, so a proper gender analysis is needed so that it can eliminate all forms of discrimination in all lives.